Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Tonight I wined and dined at Aqua Riva with a few of my closest friends! It was such an awesome night and one of the BEST B'DAYS EVER!! I am so happy to see everyone and my best guy friend with his girl whom I haven't seen in months since they started their weekend business at the nightmarket was able to make it. Rae, a good friend from work, even made it out! How lucky and spoiled am I? Very!!
Aqua Riva sat our group by the large window with an ocean and Canada Place sails view which was lovely. The dining experience was fabulous and the food - richly divine! I ordered the Lemon & Maple Glazed Sabelfish with herb roasted potatoes, grilled pineapple & mango salsa and lime basil vinaigrette for my main course. Since it was my birthday, I also decided I should have a glass (or two!) of champagne but not just champagne, it was mixed with a juice or something sweet. Gosh, was it ever yummy! I manage to work my way around the table and speak to everyone for a bit before dinner was served and I was happy to see all my friends getting along so great! I had such a great time and def. felt very spoiled! In my invite, I always ask my friends NOT TO BRING PRESENTS JUST THEIR PRESENCE! but no one ever listens!!! Even so, I felt very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and was def. very spoiled! Presents: $50 Gift Card for Holt Renfrew (THANK YOU JAS!), All Leather Pink Coach Mini Purse (THANK YOU SHEL & KITTY!), Hello Kitty stickers (THANK YOU RAE!), a beautiful long stemmed single rose (THANK YOU VINCE AND MERYL!) as already mentioned purple / black stretchy track suit (THANK YOU RHODA!) and Salon Hair products (THANK YOU WARREN!). Of course CA$H MONIE$ from the parents and grandma!
On another note, Rhoda and Kay picked me up because Rhoda didn't think I should be driving on my birthday so it was nice to be chauffeured :) When I got into the car, I didn't even recognize my own baby girl! She looked so awesome! Her make up was flawless and her style, very trendy and chic! Wow, my little girl is not a little girl anymore becoming a little lady :) I'm so proud ... sniff sniff..... plus I realize I am getting older and I see my once youthfulness through her! Sigh .... one year older but STILL the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!

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