Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ariztia Warehouse Sale

Today after work, I headed over to Tinseltown to the Ariztia Warehouse Sale, held annually but today was by invite only. Gosh, did I do a lot of damage there! I found some great stuff for Kay and I for about $260! I manage to find a cute 3/4 sleeve jacket for work, a fitted wool dress for work, a cute gold sparkly jersey top for going out (had been eyeing this top for a while but would not spend $60 on it, I got it for $19.99!), a very cute jersey black top for going out. Kay picked up a skull hoodie, polka dot leggings and a cute little dress. I had forgotten to look for the matching vest for my pinstripe suite but Rhoda found it and I couldn't believe the price, $19.99! I had wanted to buy one months ago but forgotten to look for it. I really didn't go into the suit section coz I had already picked up two suits from Ariztia. Oh well, maybe next year. I also tried looking for a nice pair of Rock & Republic jeans but couldn't find my size in the ones I liked. Those jeans were a steal, $99 from $350! Oh well, I'm not really a jean person anyways. Overall, it was a great experience, except for the craziness in there (almost like boxing day sales!) and thank you so much Rhoda for taking us with her, she had a limited amount of people that she could bring. Jas got a great deal as well, she found 2 winter jackets for the price of 1! Love shopping :)

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