Thursday, August 16, 2007

Canadian Passport

Wow, my Canadian Passport has arrived! That is super fast! I can't believe I got it in a week and two days!! My grandma's passport hasn't even arrived yet and she sent it out months ago by mail.... luckily my grandma is no longer travelling to HK with my mom or else we'd have to track it and put a rush on it. I was planning to travel to HK in October but decided not to since it's Kay's first year in highschool and I want to be here for her in case of anything. Maybe next year .... but it's still good to have your passport on hand because we need it to cross the border. I plan on hitting the outlet and shopping malls this upcoming long weekend. Sales, sales and more sales!

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Joss said...

Hope you have a blast at the outlet malls... they're such fun! Good luck with the border traffic though - you might want to leave at about 5am :)