Friday, August 10, 2007

Nightmarket and Surprise!

Wow, Kay chopped off her hair!! Kay and Rhoda made appointments at Spa Utopia Academy and both of them got their hair done. Both of them look GREAT!! I love Kay's new hairstyle, it's so grown up! I don't have photos but Rhoda took tons of photos of Kay during her week with her. I'll post them when I get them from Rhoda.

Tonight, I went to the night market with Rhoda, Jess and Kay. I got a cute little gym bag for $15, a knock off Hello Kitty charm (for my new purple gym bag) for $5. After the night market, it was off for dessert! Yum yum, we had Honger dessert at Sweet 23 sooooo yummy! But I think I am going to feel it tomorrow morning when I hit the Grind at 8.30am!!

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