Friday, August 24, 2007

Hell's Kitchen

Tonight I celebrated my b'day with Karen, her boyfriend, Andrew, and Jas at Hell's Kitchen. I've always wanted to try Hell's Kitchen (there are entertainment coupons in the Ent. book) and it was not as impressive as I thought. The food was pretty yummy and the atmosphere is pretty casual and pub like so I might have been a little overly dressed but I'm happy to have tried it once, used another entertainment coupon and didn't have to pay for it! Also very happy that Jas came with us coz I def. would have been the third wheel! Right after we sat down at our table, Andrew left our table to go back to the car coz he "forgot something" and I didn't think anything of it but when he came back to the table, it was a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Wow, what a surprise! They were beautiful :) Love them, I love those birds of paradise, these are rare and very expensive, beautiful! The waitress came by to take our drink and food order, while we waited, we caught up on each other's lives as we have not seen each other for two months. Life has been pretty hectic for both of us and our kids are heading back to school soon so I totally understand how our summer flew by so fast. For dinner, I ordered a burger and upgraded my french fries to their poutine mmmmm yummy poutine, dinner was pretty yummy and the drinks were ok. Right before the bill came, there was another surprise! Karen and Andrew also picked up a b'day cake for me! Wow, it was beautiful and super yummy!! Gosh, I am so spoiled! I still have one more b'day dinner to celebrate! The celebration never ends ;) After dessert, we decided to head back to their place to check out their new Wii and Jas had a blast playing it! Hehehe, like a big kid :) Andrew opened up a really nice bottle of red wine from 2003 for me which was nice coz I love red wine esp. from that year! After a couple of hours of fun, we decided to call it a night coz I had to work in the morning. Yes I am working on the weekend. Yet again! It was a really fun night and a good time after the long work week and the terrible day I had. Lovely way to end off the work week. A couple more photos on my flickr account.

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