Sunday, August 05, 2007

Blueberry Picking

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Today, I went blueberry picking with Rhoda and Nelson out in Langley at Krause Berry Farms. Kay was suppose to come with us coz she's heading over to Rhoda's for a week of bootcamp. Hehehe... yeah, it's bootcamp, Rhoda is gonna build some muscles on my scrawny girl ;) But Kay ended up going swimming at UBC with Olivia and Henry, two of her bestest friends. I figured since this was her last day of freedom, she might as well have some fun and spend a little more quality time with Olivia before she moves away to Ottawa the following week. After lunch, I headed over to Rhoda's place coz Nelson was driving us out there and there is no way we would manage to get there on our own coz I don't know anything outside of Vancouver-Burnaby! Yeah, it's pretty sad. Another sad point, I've lived here for over 30 years and have never been to Victoria (but I have heard I'm not missing much).

The drive out there wasn't too bad from Rhoda's place coz we took the freeway straight to the Port Mann bridge and through Surrey to Langley. Once we arrived, it was super busy, there are a lot of people out there picking berries. Raspberries and strawberries were at the end of the season but we managed to find a small bucket of very ripe raspberries. We picked blueberries for about an hour and half or two hours and gosh it's a lot of hard work. Also, the sunshine was out and it was super hot! It's tough work but somewhat relaxing and fun, next time though Kay is def. coming with us coz I could use an extra set of hands! Now that I know, I'm def. going to wear my bathing top and shorts for the next time! Blackberry season starts tomorrow but we are not coming back, maybe next weekend. I also forgot to bring a bottle of water and I was super dehydrated out there. Also, I am going to bring my music player too coz when you're berry picking, you are pretty much on your own!

Nelson was really cool in driving us out there and showing me what kinda berries I should be picking. Although, it was hard hard work, it was a great experience and I am forever hooked on picking my own berries! Love the fact that I got a huge container of berries for just $10.00!!! U pick price $1.50 pound! In the supermarkets, it's almost $3 or $4 for a small basket! I also bought some local grown vegetables at too good to be true prices! $1.10 for a very long cucumber and $1.50 for a basket of green beans! After putting the berries into the car, we headed back to the little stand and to pick up water and a treat. A very deserving treat I might add, it's too bad there were no shortcakes left (really looking forward to that!) so I had a piece of peach pie, mmmmm.... yummy! I am not normally a pie person but I loved it so much that I wanted to pick up a fresh pie but there were way too many choices and I couldn't decide which one I wanted!! It was also not a very good idea to have a whole pie in my apartment since Kay was gone for the week and I would end up eating the whole pie on my own for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

Loved it, going to do it again next weekend for the blackberries, I am a very berry person! :)

After berry picking, we headed back to Rhoda's to drop off her berries and to pick up my car. We decided to have dinner at Sha Lin Noodle House on Broadway. Before heading over there, I had to pick Kay up from home since she was going home with Rhoda and I was pretty sure she had not eaten dinner yet. Apparently she did, corn on the cob and chocolate! Dinner consisted of handmade noodles, pork dumplings, green onion pancakes and a cold spicy beef dish. She had a bit of the dumplings and some of my beef noodle soup. After dinner, Kay went with Rhoda and Nelson and I headed home. Wow, I'm tired! I need to separate the berries to freeze and some to eat or bake! Better get to it or I'll never do it!

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