Friday, August 17, 2007


Tonight, I went out for an Italian dinner, Baci's Ristorante, with Rhoda, her cousin and friends. I haven't seen Lina in over 10 years! Wow, she looks great and hasn't aged one bit! Cute as ever too :) It was so much fun and those people are hilarious! I didn't stop laughing the entire night! So much fun!! Plus the food was super yummy and there is an entertainment coupon in the entertainment book if you have one, def. a must try! I don't have any photos of tonight though :( There is a live band and a dance floor but the crowd is def. an older mature crowd, I think we were the youngest group there. Also, an Elvis impersonator came by our table to sing to Rhoda and I and it nearly freaked the crap out of me! Fun times, fun times! A night to remember! Thanks Rhoda! Love You!

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Joss said...

I actually think I went to Baci's year ago with an ex and his parents! Thanks for the reminder though... will check our entertainment book to see if we have one (it might be a different book we have, but you never know!). Andrew is always game for good pasta! :)