Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day!


Wow, 3 day weekends go by super fast! I can't even remember what I did over the weekend!

Saturday - On this day, I ran errands with my mom as usual. I hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks so I thought I better go over there and see how she was doing. Mom and I did our usual, grocery shopping at Superstore and chinese markets. Our first stop was Creo Bellus, we had to pick up jewellery from Tai and as mom finished up with Tai, I browsed through the consignment items at Madison and found a Talula Babaton light grey suit (similar to the one I picked up the day before) for $69.99! It is in practically brand new condition and I could not believe the price. I tried on the suit and it fits me beautifully, the same size as the suit I purchased yesterday! I can't return the other suit because it's on sale and Aritzia does not accept returns on sale items. But I really can't go wrong with a light grey suit and a black pinstripe suit so I guess it's ok. After Madison / Creo Bellus, we headed over to Superstore to pick up some grocery items and then headed back to mom's to drop off our items. Auntie Ingrid wanted to shop with us a the chinese market so we took her with us to the chinese market on Victoria street. We bought a few more items and headed home to pick up grandma for dinner. We went over to Koon Bo on Fraser street for dinner. It was getting pretty late and they were hoping we could get a table at this hour (7.30pm ish) without reservations. Apparently this place is very busy with long lineups, I do not know why as to me Chinese food is pretty much the same, lots of grease and msg! Lucky for us, we got a table within 10 minutes, if we were to arrive 5 or 10 minutes later, we would have either had to wait 30 - 40 minutes or leave and pick another restaurant. Mom ordered her fave. dishes and yes, I must say that the chicken dish was particularly yummy for chinese food.

Sunday - Kay and I met up with Jasmine in downtown, Vancouver to check out the Canada Day festivities and do a little bit of shopping! Jas picked up a cute summer top at Bedo and I found nothing. Yes nothing at Bedo but I did find something at Club Monaco and put the pants on hold for Monday or Tuesday, I need to try them on with heels. Since Kay hadn't been to the newly renovated Holt Renfrew, we decided to stop in and check out the summer sale. HR usually holds their famous spring/summer sale about this time and I found a really cute pair of Stuart Wieztman's shiny patent dark blue sling back peep toe pumps on sale from $319 to $239. Fit perfectly and were gorgeous but realized that is still too much for a pair of summer shoes. I love Stuart, his designs are somewhat affordable and built - designed to last forever. We decided to get out of the mall and enjoy the warm weather so we headed over to Canada Place to check out the Canada Day activities. It was so over crowded that we didn't end up moving any where near the festivities that we decided to head over to Robson instead. Of course, we stopped by a hot dog stand on Robson / Georgia to pick up an all beef dog, yummy! After walking a bit, we decided to go for a long walk and ended up walking all the way to the Cupcake store on Denman because Jas was craving cupcakes. We picked up a half dozen 1 day old cupcakes at a discount price, oh gosh, I know I am going to regret those cupcakes! So sugary and yummy, so many calories to burn! After our long walk on Robson and Denman, we decided to call it a day and we all took the transit home. (We never drive downtown unless absolutely necessary!) Once we arrived home, our neighbors, Rita & Megan, came knocking on our door with homemade cupcakes! OMG, we now have a dozen cupcakes!!! But I'm not going to complain, I love Rita's baking! Her baked items are the BEST!! Since we had a couple of cupcakes, dinner was out of the question and we decided to burn off some of the sugar / butter by walking to Rogers Video on Oak and 15th. Kay was in a great mood and decided to treat me (she has a gift card) with a couple of rental movie, Music & Lyrics starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant and Marie Antoinette starring Kirsten Dunst. We watched Music & Lyrics first and it was so sweet, romantic and funny. I love Drew Barrymore. That was the end of our night. Oh yes, I took some photos of the construction in front of my apartment.

Canada Day - Chilling and relaxing in the afternoon at home. Days like today, I wish we had a patio or balcony so we could have a BBQ as it was perfect weather! Instead I headed over to my mom's house for dinner because I had to bring back her boots. Earlier in the day, I had dropped off some items to Madison on Main for consignment and mom has a couple of pairs of boots (practically new) to consign. Jenny at Madisons is not consigning fall items at the moment but told me to let mom know she can bring them back at the end of July or beginning of August. Since I had to return those items back to my mom, I decided to stay for dinner since I was too lazy and tired to cook. After dinner, we headed back home to try to get to bed early although I am sure I won't manage to because of that neverENDing proposal that I am constantly working on. So stressed out about this proposal.

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