Saturday, July 28, 2007

Kwik E Mart and more....

Today, we finally headed over to the Kwik-E-Mart in Coquitlam, the only one in Canada! How exciting and although it was pretty crazy busy, it was worth it since this is a one in lifetime opportunity. The Kwik-E-Mart is only available until the end of this month and had opened a few weeks back so there wasn't any memorabilia left except for the Squishee cups and a Homer Key chain. I was hoping to get a package of Mmmmm pink donuts but nope :( We walked around and took a ton of photos (see my flickr account) with the Simpsons characters and we bought purple / grape squishees in the Simpson cups, I ended up buying all FIVE CUPS which were $2 + change per cup!

After the Kwik-E-Mart, we decided to stop over at Coquitlam Centre Mall, I haven't been there in ages! We did a bit of shopping, check out my "other" blog to see my awesome summer deals, and wandering around the shopping centre. I am a little bit excited about H&M opening up in Coquitlam Centre as I have heard they have some reasonably priced clothes and very trendy and chic. After our shopping spree, it was getting close to dinner time and we headed back to Burnaby for Nando's Chicken. The girls hadn't decided if they wanted to come to the nightmarket with us or not. Rhoda and I were meeting another friend, BQ, at the nightmarket coz his friend was in a fashion show or something at the nightmarket. Also, we wanted to walk through the stalls and see if there was anything new since the last time we were there. After dinner, the girls finally decided they didn't want to go to Richmond with us and wanted to be dropped back to our place so they could hang out with their friends at DP. That was fine with us as I figured the girls would probably be bored if they had to hang out with us at the nightmarket. Rhoda and I headed to Richmond and found parking really really far away but it was FREE! We found BQ and watched his friend strut her stuff on the "runway". Gosh, it was terrible, very amateur and most of these girls looked like they were asked to do this last minute. We didn't watch it for long as we were quickly getting bored, we decided to pick up some candy from the food fair and checked out the stalls. Still debating on the make up case but realized for $35.00 you are getting what you pay for and that is not a whole lot. I think I will consider spending a little more and getting a nicer one like the Japonesque Medium Train Case although it would be nice if I could afford a MAC make up case but those are a little too expensive for me and I'm not a professional make up artist. If I really had a ton of money, I would def. pick up a Louis Vuitton "Nice Beauty Case", so pretty :) After our walk around the nightmarket, we decided to head over to Tea Hut (our friend's BBT place) to have BBT but once we arrived, it was closed! Apparently, they close really early on Saturday so we went next door to a place called Sweet 23. It's a Hong Kong dessert place and boy do they have yummy desserts! After a couple of hours of eating and chatting, it was time to call it a night!

PS New milk chocolate chip marshmallow muffins!

Oh yes, one more thing, my bestest girlfriend, Rhoda made this! Didn't fit her so she passed it on to me :) Very comfy and pretty!

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