Friday, July 20, 2007

Bobbi Brown Make Over

Tonight, Kay and I decided to have dinner at Spices Restaurant (Vietnamese Food) because I didn't want to cook and I had a make up appointment downtown at 7.00pm. Dinner was quick and yummy! After dinner, we headed to Holt Renfrew for my make over at the Bobbi Brown counter. I made an appointment a few weeks ago because I wanted to be sure that I would get the Stone Washed Nudes Palette. I thought the make over session would take about half an hour but it didn't! I was in the chair for almost an hour! Plus Chad, the make up artist, had used a lot of make up on my face, it looked great and I looked flawless but I don't usually wear this much make up and I am only looking for minimal coverage. I ended up purchasing the palette, a gentle skin exfoliating cleanser and a bronzer. After the make over, we walked around Holt Renfrew, it was there Now or Never sale and those cute metallic blue SW peep toe pumps were now only $149!! That is such a great price! But I passed it up as I had just purchased $140 worth of make up! We strolled around the Gucci and Louis Vuitton boutiques and I really really wanted to buy the LV Love silk Bandeau (priced at $130) but Kay thought it was ugly and she wanted me to buy the "That's Love" Bijou cellphone charm (priced at $185). I didn't like th cellphone charm because it was plastic!! I would rather have the bandeau! But I ended up walking out of the Louis Vuitton boutique with NOTHING. Yes, that is right, NOTHING. After HR, we stopped by Aritzia because they were having a bigger sale and Kay wanted to see if they had her TNA crown bag. A few months ago, I wanted to pick up one of their signature bags in the brown/beige colours but didn't want to pay $48 for it. Kay found her bag but it wasn't it the colour she wanted (pink) but she was happy to get one! Hers was a great price! On sale at $23.99 and mine was $30! After shopping, we took the bus home, we were planning on meeting Rhoda and friend at the Richmond night market but on our way home, we decided we did not want to go to the night market in the pouring rain!! Both of us agreed on calling it a night.

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psychorich said...

You better not get an allergic reaction with all those products.