Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Dinner

Tonight, Kay and I decided to head over to my mom's place for dinner. We hadn't seen her in weeks and I felt sort of bad that I hadn't spent any time over there. It was a good night to have dinner with her since my grandma had MJ plans and mom planned on having dinner alone. When we arrived to her house, we caught up on each other's lives and what was happening in the weeks that we hadn't visited. My brother came by the day before to visit and have lunch with mom. He also took her car browsing coz he has been eyeing my mom's Supra. She promised him the Supra many many years ago and once mom gets a new car, she would give him the Supra. I found my next car, Lexus ES 350, it is very beautiful and looks stunning. I wish I had $50K kicking around in my account .....

After chatting, we decided to have dinner out coz mom didn't want to cook and we were getting a bit hungry. We planned to go to Superstore and to check HonHon's mail after dinner so we decided to get something quick, cheap, easy and close by. We thought of and headed over to Congee Noodle King Seafood restaurant on Kingsway which is the sister restaurant to the Congee Noodle House on Broadway & Main. OMFG, this is the last time I am ever eating at this restaurant! The service was awful, the wait staff and manager were rude. Our dining experience was horrible and I vow to never ever return. Ok, yes I know when I eat at a restaurant like this, I do not expect the best customer service but they were over the top with sugar coated rudeness on top of it.

Breakdown of complaints:

  • Seated the THREE of us at a table that sat 8 to 10
  • After sitting down, served with tea and menus, minutes later, a larger group came in and the restaurant manager asked if we could free up the table and wait for the next available table for 4. Lucky for the manager, we only had to wait a minute or two but if we had already ordered and the manager was insistent or just plain being an ass, we would have left the restaurant
  • Waitress removed any plate or dish that was empty or attempted to remove items that were not quite done but watching us like a hawk, ready to swoop in on the cleared dishes!
  • BUT when it came to refilling our empty tea cups, slow as snails
  • The restaurant was packed but there was no line up at the door which meant for no reason whatsoever were they rushing us to finish our meal, continued to hover over us
  • Altho Kay and I were finished before my mom, the waitress kept coming by to ask if we wanted to pack the rest of the meal but my mom was not finished yet! We WILL CALL YOU when we are ready for take out!
  • The bill came up to $33 + change, we left $40.00 and waited for the change, after 5 minutes and a group of 4 waiting for a table, the manager kept looking as us and wondering why we weren't leaving when he realized his annoying stares were not working with me, he came around and ask if our change arrived, uh duh, NO! that's why we are still sitting here! apparently, the cashier assumed we were leaving a SIX DOLLAR tip and dropped our change into the tip can up the front! I know this for a fact coz I turned to look over at the cashier and I saw that he was pulling our change from the TIP CAN!!
  • Change was FINALLY brought back to us, the manager had the nerve and guts to stand there and watch us take the change back, I said to his face, how rude! I am never coming back to this restaurant, it sucks!!! Mom left a $2+ change tip, if it were me, I would have taken it ALL BACK and left them NOTHING.... coz the staff deserved NOTHING.

That was one of the worst dining experiences I have had in a chinese restaurant in a long time! I am NEVER EVER going back there again! The food isn't all that GREAT either!

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