Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Walking In The Rain

I am CRAZY! I think I am anyways.... I ended up walking home from work in THREE inch heels in the pouring rain! In non stop drenching (and windy) rain! The weather network / news has forecasted the entire week with rain and well into the weekend. That sucks, I guess we probably not going berry picking this Sunday.

I had decided to catch the number 15 bus instead of the easier route which is taking the train to Main and catching the 10 bus home. I walked to Seymour street, drenched by the rain and noticed that the traffic was terribly congested and buses and cars were bumper to bumper with no or little movement. I decided to take the chance and try to catch the bus on Cambie street so I walked another FOUR blocks in the rain. I waited about 5 minutes for the bus and it came by but passed our stop, not stopping to pick any passengers up, gosh, there was only 3 of us at the stop! I decided to walk home as I wasn't sure if there were any more 15s that made it through the congested traffic on Seymour! By the time I got to the bridge, I noticed another 15 had come by but it was stuck on the heavily congested bridge. The bus and I were at the same spot by the time I reached 12th Avenue which is only about 8 (long) blocks from where I live. I would rather be walking in the rain than being stuck in traffic on a stinky and wet bus! Plus it was BBQ day for the tenants in the office building I work at so I really needed to burn off the hamburger, smokie, double chocolate cookie and chips from lunch! Oh wait, I guess I might have cancelled that out with a medium milk chocolate mocha from Blenz, those are deadly but so very delicious! Best Mochas EVER!

Well at least I know I can walk home from downtown in 3 inch heels probably not wise to do so again!


psychorich said...

Yuck! That sucks. But yes, I love mocha made with chocolate milk. I think Bread Garden does that also.

Joss said...

You're very brave. But I totally agree... sometimes walking is just so much better than the hot, cramped, smelly bus in the rain. I think that with all the Grouse Grinding you're doing, you probably don't need to worry about burgers or mochas :)