Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday feels like Monday

OMG, what a day I am having!!! I am having a totally "off" day, it really feels like a Monday instead of a Thursday!

I arrived at the office a little earlier today as I was planning on making tea instead of buying an Americano from the little cafe in our building (trying to cut back, I just realized I spend $10.00 a week on coffee!!). As I was waiting for my tea to steep, I headed over to the photocopier to make a copy of a recipe for my co-worker as she was looking for a good recipe for Sweet N Sour pork, Cantonese style. Once I made a copy, I noticed that the paper was three hole punched, WTF? It's set at auto, plain letter size so why is it coming out as three hole punch? I checked the paper tray, realized somebody in our office was being really FREAKIN lazy and decided to drop three hole punch paper in the tray instead of going over to the paper room to pick up a box of plain letter size paper because we were out of PLAIN LETTER SIZE!!! OMG.... this is ridiculous! I hardly print to that printer and I do make sure that there is enough paper by my printer but PUH LEEZE, don't be such a l@zy @ss! Go get paper and fill it up!! I did it the last time but I was not going to do it again except that I wanted to print the recipe on regular paper. I ended up going to the paper room to pick up a box of paper but once I opened the box, I realized I had grabbed the wrong boxes and instead of picking up letter size, I picked up a box of Tabloid! Ugh!! I decided to screw it and photocopy the recipe on three hole punch and left the copier room. I finally got a chance to sit down to eat my breakfast and drink my tea when I realized at the last moment that I needed to prep the boardroom for my manager's weekly meeting!! How could I forget? This happens EVERY THURSDAY!! A TOTAL OFF DAY. I quickly made coffee but the meeting had already started, hopefully they did get a chance to grab a coffee, I feel terrible that I forgot ..... I have come to the conclusion that it must be the missing Americano. Maybe I should take baby steps in cutting out my Americano? I think I will def. have to pick one up for Monday tho, those are the hardest days of the week.

*Update 1.30pm - Switchboard Duty - I was covering the lunch break for switchboard and the receptionist didn't clear her desk, she left a half filled tea in a cup right by the phone and binders. I had a caller on the phone requesting a site number and when I pulled the book out, it knocked the cup over spilling it all over the desk and myself. I also accidentally said "sh....t" to the caller on the phone ... I didn't quite say the word but I'm sure she knew WHAT word I wanted.... not a good day at all...*

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