Monday, July 30, 2007

Gucci Twirl Watch

HonHon owes me HUGE. He is the one who is suppose to break the bad news to our daughter about the face that HE can't be here next week and instead is coming the last week of August which happens to be the same week she is GONE TO CAMP .... yes, the entire week. In fact, I know I will be the one who will end up telling her the bad news. For this and all the future grief this will cause me, he owes me HUGE ... this is it:

GUCCI Twirl Watch $1095
Fall/Winter 2007

Although, I am really in love with the Twirl Watch with Diamonds 1.3 inches or 0.9 inches, both are very pricey and with this kind of $$ I would rather spend it in Paris, France :)

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