Thursday, March 01, 2007

Valentine's Day Dinner

It is a little late to be celebrating Valentine's Day but HonHon was not around on February 14 to celebrate it with me. Tonight, we headed over to Stonegrill Restaurant for a stonegrill steak dinner. It was his first time and my second. It is a very cool experience and the steak is done to your perfection. Although the price point is a little high for a meal like this, it is def. the experience. I think everyone should experience this place at least once in their lifetime. It was a really nice quiet night together (almost like a real date!) and we managed to bribe Kay with McDonalds if she skipped this meal with us. It also helped that HonHon bought her the new Sims 2 game and she has been happily playing it on the PC. Tonight, I didn't bring the camera but the view from our table wasn't all that pretty anyways. I wish I had photos of our dinner, it is so scrumptious. If you are ever in Vancouver, you must check this place out!

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