Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More B*tch*n on Canada Line Construction


I am having a really crappy start to my morning! I HATE BEING LATE!! Esp. when it's not my fault, being late totally screws up my entire day.

Every work day, I leave my apartment around 7.05 or 7.10 am to be at work by 7.40 - 7.45am because I start work at 8.00am. Before the Canada Line construction, I could leave my apartment at 7.30am to catch the bus right in front of my building with 5-10 minutes to spare, now I have to leave 20 to 25 minutes earlier just in case of a construction/traffic congestion. Today, my regular bus was early which I missed so I had no choice but to catch the next one which ended up being 5 minutes late! On top of that, it took the bus 22 minutes to go 5 blocks and due to the lateness plus the congestion, the following bus stop had a line up of 20 people! The bus driver crammed every single person in! Can you believe that while we were slowing etching our way down to 12th avenue, I noticed all the construction workers doing sh*t all. Standing around, chatting and drinking their dang coffee!! Why was there congestion you ask? Because they decided to make the busy intersection (Cambie / 12th Avenue) one way for both southbound and northbound lanes, allowing 5 to 6 cars a turn and controlling 12th Avenue traffic with the lights. WTF??? There seemed to be no reason why there was only a single lane going north and south bound!!! By the time we reached Broadway stop, there was another group of 20 people!!! The bus was crammed and the traffic from that point on was clear as day! Finally reaching central downtown, I didn't even have time to walk the 6 blocks that I normally walk, I had to run to catch a bus on Georgia to cut the 6 - 10 minutes it would have taken if I walked it. 8.05am is the time I finally arrived at the office. I AM NOT PLEASED AT ALL. I need to figure out another route to work.....


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