Saturday, March 24, 2007

Rain & Shine

New Greens added to my Corner Collection of House Plants

What a day! It started a little later than I expected because I just could not get out of the house. First stop to my mom's house to have lunch, she made steamed rice noodle with a sweet soya sauce dipping. Mom and I were planning to make more homemade dumplings but we didn't end up picking all the ingredients that was needed. The weather did not let up, the rain came pouring down and it really started off as a yucky icky day! But we braved it out there as we really did not have a choice and those errands aren't going to do it themselves. We headed over to the meat market on First Avenue in Burnaby, Supreme Meats has really great prices, almost wholesale, on beef and pork. Next stop, Home Depot to pick up a few different items that mom needed, I ended up with a really funky lamp for my desk and two brand new plants :) After that, we decided to take a break from the rain and headed over to Tim Hortons to meet Auntie Ingrid for coffee. We sat around drinking coffee for about an hour and a half before we decided to call it a day. Luckily for us, the sun sneaked out for a couple of hours and it was a real treat to see the sun as we haven't seen her in days, Vancouver has had downpours for 7 days straight! Tonight, I made dinner plans with Jasmine so we headed back to my mom's place. I helped mom with all her stuff and picked up my car so I could head over to Jasmine's.

Jasmine and I had dinner at Sala Thai and boy was it scrumptious! I love Thai food, we ordered the "tonight special" (Scallops and Prawns in a red curry with spices and coconut milk), Pad Thai (our fave!), 1 cup of coconut rice to go with the special and (another huge fave!) angel wings (chicken wings stuffed with yummy stuff!). Although the restaurant was not super busy, we still had to wait 15 minutes for a table. I'm happy to see that business is still great on the weekends. It was a lovely evening and I'm so glad that Jasmine and I had a chance to catch up. Life is good. Good people and Good food is the way to a Great Life!

New Funky Crystal Lamp

Close Up - Bling Bling!

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psychorich said...

Having plants are cool, although they don't seem to last long while under your care.