Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Apartment

Over the weekend, Kay and I decided to clean and organize our apartment. HonHon left on Friday back to Taiwan and our place looked like a tornado swept through the apartment (ok HonHon, not THAT bad! ~_^). While in the middle of reorganizing our living room, I decided it would be a good idea to move our desk/PC station in a space which wasn't being used and seemed to have no use for. Before we started, I had a vision, the plan was to move the desk/PC station into our "art room" (which is really a small dining area) to where the current art table is located and to sell the art table on craigslist, replacing it with a smaller round table off to the side. But if we were to do that, the small round table wouldn't work as well (much smaller than the one we have now) for our arts and crafts and we have a lot of projects! Also by cramming the desk and smaller round table in this area, it would make our spacious art centre into an overcrowded room with no room to move or work. We probably wouldn't feel as comfortable in there with our arts and crafts as we do now. So after some cleaning, reorganizing, and recycling my paperwork, I measured the space agaisnt the wall and noticed that our desk/PC station would fit snuggly in that space between the two large windows. This space is the area between the dining/art centre and our very large but strange laid out living space. Perfect use for a space that we did not know what to do with. Since moving into this suite, we had no idea what to do with this wasted space but I knew we should use it for something because my living room is quite large and spacious but the layout is not very practical and hard to place the furniture in. We now know what to do with it and as soon as I figure out how to organize the plugs for the PC into the outlet, I'll get to it. I should probably take a photo of my living roon so you can understand my excitement. I am so happy to have gotten that figured out!

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