Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lunch with an old friend

I really should not have taken lunch out today but I made plans with an old friend 2 weeks ago and who am I to know that I would be swamping busy at work!!! Not I. I could not bail and I'm glad I didn't! It was really good to see her and catch up plus she ended up giving me a HUGE bag of tops, sweaters and shirts to Kay. I cannot believe she and her sister are that TINY! Makes me feel HUGE and I'm not a big person! Well lucky for Kay, she now has all these new tops (and seems to have a nicer wardrobe than myself!) and lucky for me that I don't have to buy her any more clothes for a little while. When I brought the clothes home to Kay, she was very excited and started screaming out the names of the clothes, wow my friend and her sister have nice taste and obviously makes more $$ than me to afford to buy shirts that cost $50+ and after a few wears, can give them away without hesitation!!!

Here's a photo of one of the many cool tops that she received! Doesn't she look like a teenager? It's totally FREAKING me out!!!! I am not ready for a teenager!!!

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Dragongrl said...

next time you're busy at work, don't feel bad and we'll reschedule...