Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dined & Shopped Out with Jasmine

Tonight, Jasmine and I made plans to go out for an after work dinner as I have been on my own for a couple of days without Kay and it's kind of quiet around my place. I really should be enjoying the alone time but it feels very unsettling going to bed on my own. I have no idea how I'm going to take it when she grows up and moves out of the home. We met up in front of my building just after 5 and headed over to Pacific Centre to do some shopping. First stop, La Senza (gosh do they ever have some cute stuff!), I didn't buy anything but Jasmine got a cute little pink shopping bag. We decided to stop over at Banana Republic but we didn't see anything we liked. One more stop at Jacob and I do love the new spring blouses (for work) but I never ever pay regular price for Jacob items because they will go on sale within a month or two. Learned my lesson the hard way! As soon as those cute spring blouses go on sale, I will probably pick up two or three colours.

After Jacob, we were getting a tad bit hungry and ready for dinner so we headed off to Kitto's on Granville. I had a huge craving for Japanese and Kitto is not the best Japanese in Vancouver but it is close by and pretty reasonable for basic Japanese. The menu is quite limited and there are only a few special rolls but I ordered light, wild sockeyed salmon sashimi, gyoza, and four different variations of handmade sushi (i.e. unagi, chopped scallop and hokkigai). Stuffed and ready to call it a night, I convinced her to make a quick peek over at John Fluevog. Gosh, I am a terrible influence! She ended up buing a really cute pair of pumps and I ended up with a new pair of hot baby janes! Yes, as I have repeated over and over again, I have a terrible shoe addiction! I cannot help it, I looooooove shoes :)

Wanna see my new shoes? Click Trishaopholic!

After purchasing the pretty new shoes, we continued down the path of shoppindestruction (yes that's my new word) and headed across the street into a store called Urban Outfitters. This is a new store on Granville Street and I remember seeing this store in LA. I recall this as one of the first stores we stopped in while shopping (and visiting) the Santa Monica strip. The strip is very similar to our Robson and Granville Street combined; a very nice little shopping district by the beach and waterfront. As I remember then, this store sells mainly beachy outerwear, very casual and hipbumbeach wear (not at all my style). Actually, I think Kay would love this store, lots of cute tops, skirts and accessories. Kay is a real girlie girl. We, of course, didn't stay in the shop for long just a really quick look over the place. We headed out and into Future Shop because I wanted to pick up the newly released DVD "Blood Diamond" with Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou. After that, it was most def. time to head home since it was getting late into the evening and I am usually in bed by 10.00pm! It was nice to head home after 7.00pm as I had no problems getting home because the rush hour traffic was pretty much over with. I managed to get home in 20 minutes! Wow! It's also really nice to be outside when it's not dark, I am liking this new time change, I think we should have done this years ago!

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peachy said...

I hate being on my own, i always get my sister to come over when Jon goes away.