Friday, March 09, 2007

Sitting in Traffic, IKEA

What a way to end a long week, sitting in traffic congestion, TWICE within the hour! After work, I decided to take the 15 bus home instead of my usual route, skytrain to Main and Main bus up to 20th. I thought I would spoil myself and skip my walk (work out for the day) as Kay and I are heading over to IKEA to pick up a POANG chair and I figure carrying that item is more than enough of a workout! Me bad, it took almost an hour to get home, sitting on the bus for at least 20 minutes from Broadway to 16th. I would have rather walked for 10 minutes (no matter how tired I am) than sit on the bus in congestion for 20! I will never take the 15 again unless it's absolutely necessary. Ugh.

After I finally reached my front door, Kay and I waited until about 6 ish to leave the house, hoping the rush hour traffic would have died down. Boy were we wrong! Congestion everywhere and when we hit the freeway (to Coquitlam, IKEA), it was bumper to bumper on 3 lanes! We decided to exit back into Burnaby and head over to Richmond IKEA instead. Gosh, we took the city tour to get to IKEA! When we finally reached our destination, we headed straight to the restaurant to have our dinners, boy we were starving when we go there! Meatball special, yummy!

Tummy full and happy, we headed straight to the warehouse to pick out our POANG, I figured it wouldn't be too hard since I checked the store's stock before heading over to IKEA but once we got there, we could not find the black brown frame I wanted! We settled with a medium brown frame and the Dala natural cotton cushion. Frame priced at $90.00 and chair cushion $99 (I know priced more than the frame? But it's a thicker cushion and a nice material than the cheaper Alme Natural). We grabbed the cushion from a new box and though the tag was a little ripped, I figured hey the cashier can look it up. What luck! She typed in the wrong code and I got a $45 discount! She rang in a footstool cushion instead of chair cushion! I got my cushion for $54.00!! What a deal and so worth the long drive here :)

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