Friday, September 15, 2006

Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club

Tonight, I went to Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club with Jas because she had tickets to see the show sponsored by her real estate agency, Remax. Since the tickets were paid for and I didn't have to spendy any of my money, I figured why not go and enjoy the night with my best girlfriend, right? It's nice to get some laughs into my system after a very very long week at work. Also, I hadn't been to a comedy show in ages and I thought it would be something different and fun to do. We are now past the clubbing and dancing and drinking all night stage. I didn't realize that Yuk Yuk's changed venues and instead of being at Plaza of Nations, they moved to the basement of the Century Plaza on Burrad Street. Before the show, there was a wine and dine (on appetizers) for the guests in the bar lobby of the hotel named BEYOND. WOW was this bar ever gorgeous! Wow, did the Century Plaza ever clean themselves up! (recently renovated) A few years ago, I went to the Century to get a spa treatment at Absolute Spa and I remember thinking (while walking through the lobby of the hotel) oh my gosh, is THIS the Century Plaza with the world famous Absolute Spa? But with the recent renos, they've done a pretty darn good job at turning the hotel into a first class hotel. If you have not been there recently, I would strongly recommend you go out there and check it out. It's beautiful, the inside of the hotel, oh I better make it clear that the outside hasn't changed, it's the inside that they renovated. What a drastic change. As we wined and dined in the bar, we mingled with other guests and friends of Jas's real estate agent (the one that invited us). After finishing off the wine and filling our tummies with the appy's (not the best, everything was cold but who's going to complain on an empty stomach? Not us.) We headed down to the basement to grab some seats for the show. The show started at 8pm and there were 3 acts and 1 headliner. The host was a local Vancouverite who was a doctor by day and a comedian by night (that's kinda scary, I wouldn't want him to be my doctor!) and this guy was pretty good at hosting, his jokes were hilarious. The first two comedians were not that funny IMO and both of them had a very warped sense of humor which I didn't find very funny. But the third guy, Ian Bagg (who will be headling on Wednesay) was seriously hilarious and we loved how he could work the crowd. His jokes were distrubingly funny but funny. We are planning to buy tickets to see him this coming Wednesday night. The headliner was also a Vancouverite but he too was not that funny, IMO. Jokes were a little boring and he didn't seem to work the crowd very well. He seemed to have to try really hard to crack the jokes and when he did, not funny at all. A few people in the crowd actually started to leave before the show finished. Ouch, that hurts. The waitress who was serving us, was a ditz. She took forever to bring our drinks and was flaky with our bill. The berloody drinks were expensive! OMG, a martini cost almost $10 and boy was it ever strong. I only managed to finish half of the drink. Blah! I should have ordered a glass of red wine instead. After the show, we said our thank you's and good byes and headed home. Gosh, it was a long work week and am I ever glad it's over!

Tomorrow, off to Seattle Premium Outlet! I signed up for their VIP and printed off a bunch of coupons. I am going to do some serious shopping tomorrow and break the bank, I'm sure! An early start and probably a late night back with customs on our @sses. More shopping details tomorrow.... Outlet Shopping, here I come, ARE YOU READY FOR ME?? :)


Joss said...

Can't wait to hear about your escapades at the outlet stores down there. I'm glad you're finally getting to go!

peachy said...

your night out sounds great.

i can't wait to hear about your shopping.