Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sick Day

What a day I had! First of all, karma really does come around!! This morning I called work and told them I could come in to work because I was feeling fine. Seriously. No pain, just a little bit of discomfort but no swelling and there wasn't any pain where my teeth was pulled. Yes seriously, NO PAIN. But Val insisted that I take a day to rest. Ok, I for one am not going to argue with her so I took another sick day. Since I was taking the day off I thought I would see Kay out the door as I never see her in the mornings. Before she left, I ran up to her to give her a big kiss and a hug but slipped, ran into her knocking us both onto the floor. I banged my knee and now I have a huge ugly purple/blue bruise on my left knee!!! See, karma goes around. I didn't have ANY PAIN from my wisdom teeth removal that I had to feel some sort of pain for something. Crazy sh*t, I know.

Since I had taken a sick day, guess who else took a sick day? Marie! My dear sweet lovely happy bubbly friend, Marie! She called me early (before lunch) and asked if she could come by for lunch (she was going to bring me soup but I said NO WAY, I'm eating real food now!!) She had a migraine for a couple of days so she took a sick day to see her chiropractor, he can usually fix her back and neck so that the discomfort of her migraines will soothe down. After her appointment, we headed over to Thai Takeway for lunch and caught up on life. Too bad it was pouring, what a day, we both had a sick day and it was pouring rain! After lunch, she needed to run some errands so I went with her since I had no plans and having someone to run errands with is so much more fun than doing them by yourself! We headed over to her friend, Jules to pick up something that Marie left in her car. Jules was at work and Marie had a key (they are very close), she took me around her little suite and it's quite cute. Very expensive but she lives in a really nice area, Kerrisdale. We headed over to Choices because Marie is a vitamin freak and her vitamins were on sale. I ended up picking up a bottle of Nutra Sea Omega 3 capsules because the lady at the stand (promoting the product, its a new product that just hit the shelves) convinced me and Marie to pick some up. Great benefits and I will see how well it works. I'm already taking a multi-vitamin and I am looking into taking some calcium pills as well but will have to consult with my family doctor first. After Choices, we headed back to her chiropractor's to pick up a note for work, she needs one to take a sick day and then dropped me back home. It was really nice spending the afternoon with her. I hadn't seen her in a month and a half. Even though it was pouring rain, she was my ray of sunshine today, yes I know it's cheesy but she really is one of those "feel good/positive" people.

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