Friday, September 29, 2006

Dinner with Long Lost Cousin

No, not really but I have not seen my dear cousin in quite a long time. We have been trying to plan this dinner for weeks! She missed my birthday gathering in August (due to a trip to Kelowna, county) and promised to meet up when she was back in town. It's now September 29, almost two months after my birthday dinner. I did not expect her to take me out and I insisted on paying for my half but she would not allow it! Darn chinese families, always fighting for the bill! Dinner was scrumptious!

Before heading over to the restaurant, I went to pick up N at her new condo on Main Street. Wow, it’s a really beautiful condo. The inside was very Yaletown-ish and I love their beautiful art collection displayed on the walls of the condo. Although, the place was a little bit of a mess and there were piles of boxes and papers all over the place, their apartment is lovely! Much larger than their last place with an extra bedroom and bathroom. I love the kitchen although it's a little bit smaller than what I would want. But def. a very nice place.

Earlier while we were making plans for dinner and trying to decide on where to go, she had asked me to pick a place or if I was the adventurous type, we could try out this little restaurant on Main Street. I am pretty adventurous and I enjoy trying any type of cuision at least once! She suggested a little place on Main Street called
Nyala where it serves African cuisine. She did warn me about it being a little messy because we would be using our fingers to eat but I was def. up for it. Sounds pretty interesting, eh? We ordered 2 appetizers, a Hummus dip and deep fried squid. For our main entrees, we ordered a chicken dish, a beef dish and a veggie dish. The three entrees came on one very large plate, underneath the entrees was this spongy like crepe (but a little bit thicker and had little bubbles on it) which you would eat after finishing off all the entrees. But of course we did not, that was way too much food for two people. With the meal, a few pieces each of the spongy like crepe. You break a piece of the “crepe” and scoop up the entrée. It was really fun and delecious! I also tried Ethopian coffee which was very different from your North American coffee. It was milder and clean tasting with a hint of spices. Very interesting. I will have to take my adventurous friends over there for dinner one day.

On Main Street, you will find a lot of little restaurants that serve all types of cuisines. I love living right by Main, there are so many interesting store fronts and restaurants. You could spend many hours walking the blocks of Main. If I had more time on the weekend, I would most def. head out there.

After dinner, we decided to hit a little place a few doors down for dessert. This place is so small that I have never ever noticed this little dessert place on Main. This place was called Sweet Revenge Patisserie and it had the most amazing decor. Very 1930ish and the décor amazing! They served speciality teas and desserts. All pateries were freshly made every day. I tried the Carmel tea with an old fashioned chocolate cake. N’s wife, R was able to join us for dessert. We got a chance to meet again and catch up on life. It was a wonderful night and I’m so glad I got the chance to see them both.

Wish I had my camera but I didn't! It would have been great to take photos of each place and the yummy dinner!! Oh well, next time.....

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