Thursday, September 28, 2006

Raise A Reader

This morning on my way to the office, Raise A Reader is campaigning on the streets of downtown, this happens every year, all across Canada. Because of the ongoing construction for the Canada Line, my bus stop in downtown is 8 - 9 blocks away from the office building. On every street corner, there is a volunteer trying to persuade you to donate to the fund and you get a "free" newspaper (and a sticker so that everyone else will know you have already donated). I managed to get by all the volunteers (now, don't get me wrong this IS A GREAT campaign but I have commitments to other charities such as BC Children's Hospital, The United Way Fund etc.) except on Burrad/Georgia (2 blocks from the building), I got front checked (trying to stay with the hockey terminology) by a fellow Vancouver Canuck, seriously a hockey player (have no clue which one he is even with his jersey, I didn't get a chance to catch his number on the back of his jersey). How could I say No to a huge hockey player? Couldn't, didn't, and felt guilty if I kept walking so I donated $10 to the fund and received a "free" newspaper (which the office subscribes to....) and a sticker so the rest of the "harassers" will leave me be.... damn, I should have gotten the hockey player to sign the newspaper but I was sorta in a rush to get to work..... for $10 and a newspaper that I am not going to read, shoulda gotten him to autograph it..... oh well... my good deed for the month!


psychorich said...

Come on! You can be stronger than that.

continuitygirl said...

They are giving away 2 different free newspapers every night now in London and they get quite rude if you don't take both editions, it's not for charity, but I'd happily give them if it meant they'd stop hassling me