Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Tonight I was suppose to meet a friend, KD (a friend I've known since I was 14 but only re-united our friendship this year after a 10 year gap). This chick is usually pretty flaky and has been known to be a no show numerous times on the days we were suppose to hang out or have lunch or get together. But those times, we talk about it days in advance before the meeting date. I always make sure I have other plans or go on with my day when we have plans because with her in mind, I know she MAY flake out on me. But I didn't think she would flake out on me the night of the get together. She called me today afterwork and we spoke about meeting up for a drink (a restaurant 2 blocks from my place, Thank Goodness) after her yoga class (which is also in my neighborhood) at 9pm. I showed up 10 minutes late and waited outside of the restaurant for about 8 minutes, still no show, called her cell phone numerous time and it was turned off. You would think that after 10 minutes of waiting, her not answering her cell that I would turn around and walk home BUT I gave her the benefit of the doubt and decided to go ahead into the restaurant, requesting a table for two. After 35 minutes of me sitting by myself in a somewhat busy restaurant (surprise me cuz I didn't think anyone would be there so late) I decided that SHE DECIDED not to show up. Although I was pretty damn angry, I called my best friend (who would never ever let me down), Jas to vent. Jas was taken back how calm I was but I couldn't BLOW UP in a restaurant. Darn embarrassing if you ask me. I don't know what her excuse could be this time (not like I cared any other time) but I am not in a mood to deal with it or her. Of course, if she had a car accident or something life threatening, I would totally understand and have no hard feelings. But I am pretty darn sure she is fine.
What really pisses me off is when you know something inside. I had a feeling about her being a no show even as I walked down the street to the restaurant, even before I looked into the restaurant to find her. I KNEW IT, I HAD A FEELING. Darn, I should have never left my apartment this evening. Plus, I really didn't want a stupid ice tea but had to order it because I just couldn't sit at the restaurant waiting for her and not have anything on the table. It's been a really really long day and been crazy busy at work (as you probably can tell by my lack of posting or delay in posting!) and I was super tired. That is it, no more meeting her up in the middle of the week. Really, I am too tired to put up with this and too tired in the middle of the week to even deal with this. I can't even catch up on my own housework and chores around the apartment because I am so damn tired. I am suppose to work on stuff when I get home but instead, I make dinner, eat dinner, plop onto the couch and vegetate.


Joss said...

Flaky friends are so frustrating! Sorry to hear about your bad day (and tiredness from work). :( At least you could call Jas and vent a bit - friends like THAT are priceless!

P.S. How was the outlet mall? Did you get there?

jenni222 said...

I'm sorry you had a disappointing evening. I think everyone has a friend like KD. I decided a long ago that my time was as precious as the flaky friend's and I no longer am friends with my KD.

btw: I ended up purchasing a Coach signature bag. You are right, I never noticed but it does say made in "China".

psychorich said...

People in the restaurant probably thought your date dumped you.

Trish said...

Hi Joss!
My outlet mall experience was awesome, I had gotten some really great stuff! Will post photos real soon!

Hi Jenni!
Yep, I'm sorry to point that out to you but I do have to say, Coach designs some really cool purses. I have a few friends who owns quite a few Coach handbags and they love'em, despite the "Made in China" bit! Great to hear you found something! Would love to see a photo of you holding the bag, can you email me a photo?

PsychoRich: No comment....