Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Errands

This afternoon, I went to see my mom and grandma again. Mom needed to run some errands and I came along to chauffeur them around. First stop, we headed over to Crystal Mall in Burnaby because mom wanted to check out the grocery market in the mall. Apparently, someone she works with has been raging on about how great the product is and how inexpensive their prices are. Yes, the prices and the quality were not too bad but for us to drive all the way out there to pick up fruits / veggies is not my idea of a good deal, the gas alone would make up the difference! Crystal Mall has changed so much, it's crazy! I remember a time when this mall was half empty and we could find parking on the first floor. Now it's so busy and there are shops all over the place! Wow, what a change.

After Crystal Mall, we headed over to Metrotown Metropolis Centre because I wanted to go to Zellers and Winners. A friend of mine had told me that I could find shoe boxes for $1.97! I really am trying to organize my shoe closet and I have been searching online. Some of the ones I have come across over the web were pretty darn expensive! For plastic boxes!! I found them and decided to buy 10 to see if they would work in my closet and fit my shoes. We headed over to Sears because my mom received a gift certificate from my brother and I as a birthday gift. Also, Estee Lauder was giving out a bonus if you purchased a product over $29.50. Our g/c didn't cover her cream, gosh it was pretty expensive! $100.00 for a small bottle of cream but I know how expensive it can get, my EL cream costs me $56.00. Winners was our next stop and I was hoping to find a pair of rain boots or something but no luck (this is the third Winners I have been to), maybe I am looking to soon. I guess I can wait a few more weeks and just check back every week and hope they will have something. I have a g/c for Winners (my b'day gift from my brother) and I need to use it. I was thinking about using it for a piece of art that caught my eye but I have some photos in which I want to Photoshop and print them on a canvas. It would be an original artwork by me and that my friend, is priceless. :) We decided to head back as mom and grandma had mahjong plans and they needed to get home to prep dinner for their guests. I also needed to head home cuz Kay was home doing her laundry and her homework. Poor girl, she had some problems with the clothes dryer and I figured I better get home to see if she was feeling better.

When I got home, Kay and I cleaned out my shoe closet and placed some of my shoes in the plastic containers. They are awesome!! I don't have enough and so I will be heading over there tomorrow to pick up some more! There is so much more room in my closet which means I can buy MORE SHOES!!! :)

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