Monday, September 04, 2006


What a day!! Sheesh, I’m super tired. Today, Jas, Kay, C (Kay’s friend) and I headed out to the PNE – the Best Family Entertainment event in Canada! Being it’s last day for the PNE, it was super busy and tons of people had the same idea as we did. I didn’t purchase the all day ride passes for the girls because I was not too comfortable with the idea of letting the two girls walk around by themselves. Plus with so many exhibitions, shows and people wandering around, I just didn’t want to lose either of them! There is a lot to do besides ride all the cool / freaky rides. Shows and Shopping! I decided to drive to the PNE instead of taking the transit even though I figured it would be hard to find parking but decide to risk it. Not surprising, we did not find parking at the PNE parking lot, both lots were full (cars were ling up to wait their turn to get into the parking lot!) so we decided to see what the neighborhood offered in parking spaces. Around the corner were some people who live in the area and were trying to sell me a parking spot in their yard or front door but these people were asking for $25.00!! $5.00 more than the pay parking lot!! I don’t think so. We ended up driving back up Hastings street and parked about 5 blocks away from the Playland front gates. Not too bad of a walk but the sign on the street stated no parking between the hours of 12-6pm Monday to Friday and being a Monday (but a holiday) had no idea if that applied or not. There were many cars parked along the street as well (I figure they must have the same idea as me) so I took a chance. Arriving at Playland front gates, we walked pass the rides and headed over to the PNE. We hadn't had lunch because we were saving our tummies for the junk food being served. We ate all our fave. junk food, first stop burgers and fries. The girls wanted the famous deep fried potato chips and I wanted some perogies but the line up for that place was much too long. After the food (picked up some of those little donuts for dessert), we decided to burn off some of the calories off by walking around the exhibition. We caught a motorcross bike show, the dog show, the Taiwanese latern festival and stopped by the sandcastle exhibit. We also ended up at the shopping arena which I usually end up buying tons of stuff AS SEEN ON TV but ah, not this year. I went in for one item and one item only and came out with that one item. These amazing little wipes that look like a pill but are made of a biodegradeable material that soaks up liquid triple it's size! It's amazing! I love these little guys. I ended up buying 5 packs so I have 500 pieces!! These will end up in my car, in my kitchen, and at the office where I can do some major spill damage!! After walking the around the shopping booths, we were getting hungry again and made one last pit stop at the BBQ chicken!! Gotta have some BBQ chicken before you leave! Sheesh, what a day and I am going to start my healthly diet tomorrow or else all today's junk food will stick to me and never disappear. We spent 6 hours at the PNE and we missed the Show Home because we were all too tired and ready to call it a night. Oh well, maybe next year.... it was a good day. We always end up having so much fun at the PNE even though it's a little bit expensive.

For our
PNE Photos taken today!

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Joss said...

Those wipes look amazing. I wanted to go to the PNE but hubby wasn't interested. Hopefully the As Seen On TV store at the local mall has it... will have to go and check at lunch time today :)