Monday, May 15, 2006


Saturday, May 13

Kay and I went to see Erin's baby girl and
she is adorable! Erin & Geoff look so happy and are such great parents. There is a lot of love in the air. And their home is beautiful. I have never been inside and got a lovely little tour, it's been decorated and painted and renovated by them and it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I wish I had remembered my camera. Darn! Next time. On another note, I really miss having Erin around, it's not the same without her and her smile and positive attitude. But I can see she is getting quite comfortable with her time off and def. enjoying her mat leave :) I cannot believe I forgot my camera, yes I know, ME the one who carries her camera everywhere, but on my next visit, which I hope will be soon, I will be sure to have my camera ready for photos! After visiting baby Kaitlyn, Kay and I headed home to relax, it was very sunny and hot outside. We were planning on going biking but it was much too hot. We decided to stay at home for a bit to catch up on some stuff, make some crafts, and let the afternoon cool down before we went out. And we had a late lunch which meant we couldn't bike right afterwards anyways. Headed out around 5.45(ish)pm and biked for an hour or so (stopping at MEC and Best Buy) in our neighborhood. On our way home, we stopped off at Shiro (Japanese restaurant) to take out dinner. Kay ordered her usual, Beef Donburi (beef on rice) and I have been craving Katsudon (deep fried pork with egg on rice) for over a week now so that is what I ordered. Plus a side of salmon / hokkigai sashimi. Yummy!

Sunday, May 14 - Momma's Day!

This morning, I made waffles (from scratch) for breakfast as a Mother's Day Breakfast for myself. I woke up 45 minutes before Kay and I didn't want to wake her up. I decided to make my own breakfast instead of waiting for her besides I would probably starve if I waited. Last week in the paper, I found a waffle recipe and I have been waiting to try it. It turned out really really yummy (except for the first couple of waffles, trying to figure out how much to put in my waffle maker) and the recipe included a strawberry and whipped topping sauce. Mmmmm...yum! I should have taken photos but I devoured them to quickly, next time! Kay finally woke up and looked at me with her sleepy eyes and said, Mom shouldn't I be making those for you? Hehehe... I said probably but I couldn't wake you up and I was hungry so maybe next time. She gave me a homemade Mother's Day Card with a coupon inside good for one free mocha! Nice :) After breakfast, we cleaned up and lounged on the couch catching up on pretaped TV shows. Around noon, Kay and I headed over to my Mom's for lunch. Kay had a ton of homework to do (or the excuse of it so she wouldn't have to come out with Grandma and I) so she ended up staying at my Mom's house while we went out to do some errands. After running errands, we (Mom, Grandma, Kay and I) headed over to the Korean BBQ house on Kingsway for dinner. Thank goodness for reservations because they were PACKED. Def. worth the wait though, it was soooo yummy! I love BBQ esp. Korean BBQ. Not so hot on the kimchee though, pickled veggies or whatever it is, er ... no thanks. Finishing off dinner early (earlier then our usual time), we headed back to Mom's and I helped my Grandma prune her rose bushes because she hadn't prune them in a couple of years. My Grandma doesn't have the strength as she once had so she hadn't pruned her roses in a very long time and the branches are getting quite thick. Boy, what a work out I had! The stalks were so thick that I had to use a mini saw to trim them off. But it made my Grandma really happy to have them pruned down so it was my gift to her for Grandma's Day :)

Now I have to think of something for her birthday....coming up this long weekend. Hmm....

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