Monday, May 22, 2006

Grandma's Birthday Dinner

(Chocolate Cake from Michele Cake Shop in Kerrisdale, my Grams Fave. Chinese Bakery)

Today is my Grandma's 87 70th Birthday! Grams, Mom, Kay, Warren and I went out for dinner at Victoria Chinese Restaurant in the Royal Centre Mall. It feels sorta funny to be so close to my workplace on a day off (my workplace is right next door). The food was pretty good, the Captain gave us some suggestions and the dishes turned out to be really yummy. I am thinking that I will have to look into this place for my own birthday dinner.

More Birthday Photos.


psychorich said...

OMG...that is one of your new tops, isn't it?

BTW, nice cake.

continuitygirl said...

mmmmmmmmmm cake