Saturday, May 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Kay!


How time flies by...

Birthday lunch with Jasmine and Vince at Cactus Club by Metrotown Centre. This is where she wanted to have her birthday lunch. Jasmine came out with her birthday gifts and Kay really liked them. She got her very own MAC lipglass in a neutral colour and a silver heart pendant. I know I wasn't going to buy her anything but I could not help but to pick up this cute little Guess purse for her. It's so cute! Looks like a D&G but it's not! Very adorable and suits her quite well. After lunch, Kay and I headed over to Metrotown to check out the Dollar Store for her loot bags (yes I know how last minute but it's been a crazy and hectic week). The Dollar Store at Metro is closing down for renos so they had nothing in the store. We wandered around the mall for a little bit, I picked up two very cute tops from Mimi McQueen (each top under $15.00!!), I am loving this store. They carry a nice collection of clothes from LA. After wandering around for a little while, we realized we really needed to get going because we had dinner plans with Dad. Leaving the mall, we headed over to the Huge Dollar Store on Fraser street. We were able to pick up some really cool loot bag items for her friends. After the shopping, we headed home to rest and start the loot bags. We didn't get a chance to finish them because we had to meet Grandpa & family at Dem Bones for dinner.

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