Saturday, May 06, 2006

Birthday Dinner Part I

Tonight, Grandpa took Kayesha out for dinner at Dem Bones in Richmond. One of her fave. rib places, she actually wanted to go to Memphis Blues on Broadway but I told her it wasn't suitable place for a family of 5 to have dinner. Memphis Blues is a self serve, small (no, TINY) diner with 5 tables. It's crazy busy in there esp. on the weekends. We would probably have to wait until 10pm to eat. She really wanted some ribs. We ordered a half slab for Kayesha and she finished about half, very impressed. She's 12 now, y'know, a big girl.

*For more photos, see the next couple of posts. Blogger didn't allow me to post all the photos in one post.*


continuitygirl said...

It's looks like Kay had a great birthday

peachy said...

I love ribs, happy b'day Kay.