Sunday, May 21, 2006

House of Dosas

South Indian Cuisine located at 1391 Kingsway (Kingsway & Knight Street, Vancouver)

What a Gem! I have heard many great things about this place and we finally got a chance to go. Mom, Grams, Auntie Ingrid, Kay and I headed over there for dinner tonight. Amazing dishes, we had to try a little bit of everything.

  • Beef Palak Dosa - beef and spinach rolled into a very thin crepe served with coconut chutney (which was sooooo delicious!) and sambar
  • Lamb Biryani - lamb in a fried rice but very spicy, not like Chinese Fried Rice (I didn't like this one because I don't like lamb)
  • Prawn Devil - a Malaysian influenced dish, prawns coated in a spicy batter fried with veggies in a sauce (like a stew without the liquid...)
  • Chicken Curry - this one is going to hit my fave. list because it was so yummy! just the right amount of spices and served with roti, rice and salad.
All the dishes were made to medium spiciness but boy it was still super spicy for us! But very good. Sadly, Kay only ate the roti because she does not like spice. After dinner we bought her some McDonald's. She was happy. I will def. be heading back to the House of Dosas again! Very delicious! I should have brought my camera so I could show you all the food!

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