Sunday, May 07, 2006

Birthday Party!

What a crazy day it's been! She had a great time although there were a few little mishaps. Last night, one of the girls decided not to come, actually she asked Kay to call her the following day to see if she was in the mood to come out. Uh No. I can't help but wonder what her parents are teaching her? My Mom would never allow me to get away with that and neither would Kay. Anyways not all was lost ($30 to be exact) because Kay was able to invite another person at the last moment. This morning, we headed over to Burnaby to pick up C and then headed over to Richmond to pick up L but guess what? L was not there. She was LATE. We were becoming late, I waited one minute and told Kay we had to go. She is the birthday girl and she can't be late for her own birthday party!! Kay left a message on L's cellphone explaining the detatils and address to her. We were a few minutes late for her birthday party. Planet Lazer didn't give me any clues on the how's and when's of this birthday party. I had to ask a million and one questions (ok, a little bit of an exaggeration!) about the party including when/how the kids were going to be set up with their lazer games, when pizza would arrive and what about the cake? All they did was show me to our party room. L was really really late, apparently her mom got lost and couldn't find us. When she finally arrived, she missed the first lazer game but did arrive on time for the pizza. We only had the room booked for two hours because weekends are their busiest days and boy were they swamped! Overall, Kay had a pretty good time and she got some pretty cool stuff. Gosh, I don't want to do this again!! Maybe she will outgrow birthday parties by next year? I hope so.

See photos for party fun.

More Birthday Photos HERE.

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