Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Violin Concert

Tonight, Kay's school held a final violin concert for the year at Hamber High. It was a very interesting concert and to watch Kay go from first year to third is amazing. They are now performing pieces with more depth and difficulty. Really proud of her. But I forgot to take my camera to capture the moment, next time I guess. Although I'm not sure how I would have been able to control the camera because the auditorium we were seated in was unbelievablely stuffy and hot. There were no fans or air conditioning and even though they had all the doors opened, there was no breeze. Vancouver has been extremely warm (warmer than normal) and with no breeze, leaving doors opened did not cool down the room. I almost fainted in there, the concert was about 45 minutes but we had to be there an hour early which meant I was in the gym for an hour and forty five minutes. My body became overheated and I started to swell up, I had to remove my rings from my fingers because they were cutting off my circulation! But the performances were worth all it! I'm so proud of my little big girl.

PS Did I mention Kay has started to wear make up? Yep she has. I have been teaching her how to place eyeliner on her eyes so now she can do it herself. I don't really like the blue eyeliner but it looks pretty good on Kay (she's got a lot of blues and gray colours in her wardrobe). *sigh* she's not a little girl anymore....

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