Sunday, April 30, 2006

Van Dusen Garden's Annual Plant Sale

(More Garden Photo Shots HERE)
Every year, Van Dusen Gardens has an annual Plant Sale which has over 40,000 plants for sale. Both my Mom and Grandma are gardeners and both enjoy looking and planting flowers especially Rhododendron PJM and Japonic Azaleas. I am not sure if we were too late or if they just didn't have them this year because we could not find any for my Grandma. I ended up purchasing some Herbs (Basil - Thai, Sweet, and Lemon) for myself because I like to use basil whenever I can. Basil is also quite expensive if you are buying it at your local produce store. But if you head over to Granville Island's Market, you can usually find it at a pretty reasonable price. I also purchased an Orchid because I killed the beautiful Orchid R bought for me last Mother's Day. I feel so guilty so this time, I'm going to try very hard to keep this plant growing. I received some great tips & advice from the expert gardeners at the Orchid table. She gave me detailed instructions on how to care for this plant, hopefully it will outlast the last one (a month & half). The price of the plant was quite reasonable because I have seen the cost of Orchid plants at the florists and it is not cheap! Hopefully, I can keep this one alive and going.

My Mom thought it was strange that I picked a white orchid and not one with splashes of colour. But I think the white is simplistic and beautiful. Besides, this one had 5 more buds to bloom and it's a pretty good size (& healthy!) plant. Just Beautiful.


psychorich said...

Basil is yummy! Especially with chicken.

peachy said...

I really want an Orchid i think they are so pretty.