Friday, April 07, 2006

Erin's Baby Shower

Me, Erin, & Val
Erin reading her card signed by everyone in our office. Gosh, it was hard trying to get people to sign it without Erin catching on!
Present 1 - Two months of cloth diaper service, be sure to use this wisely :)
Present 2 - Soft green froggy (with a shaker built inside) to match homecoming baby outfit.
Present 3 - Winne The Pooh soft picture frame and it softly plays the theme song.
The presents.
Raelyn & Erica - two wonderful gals
Our crew, some of them, not everyone could come out because it's been super busy and some of us cannot step away from the office for lunch. Another shot.
Left side of the table.

Franco, CHEERS!
*Posted on April 15, 2006. Sorry for the lateness but Blogger was giving me a hard time with the photos last weekend.*

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