Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crab Fest 2006!!!

Star Attraction - King Crab!
Franco (the organizer and our own food critique) with the King
Top View - Mmmm... yummy :)
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2
Group Photo 3

Another attraction, deep fried spicy lobster

Grand Finale, curried fried rice with king crab meat, mmmm sooooo yummy!

Our food critique, Franco, decided we should have an office luncheon. On special occasions like a birthday, baby shower, or leaving the company, our office does a luncheon. But for this event, he decided to start a new event of just going out for a Crab Luncheon. The food was delicious and the group was awesome. We all had a really great time and a full stomach! Thanks to Franco for working out the details, arranging our reservations and menu, oh and of course, ordering the food. We will have to do this again real soon and the next time we are going to be sure to get more people to attend this event :)


Tink said...

WOW!!! That just look yummy. I was all excited having lobster tonight, but damn that looks good.

psychorich said...


Crystal said...

Interesting! I just moved from Chicago to Washington D.C. area and the one thing I'm really looking forward to, is eating more seafood. Maryland is well known for having really great and plentiful seafood, and I'm hinting around to my husband to take me to a seafood restuarant for my April 28th birthday. ;-)

peachy said...

That looked so good.

continuitygirl said...

I love shellfish especially crab, all that food looked great.