Monday, April 10, 2006

Random Thoughts...

  • What is up with Blogger and posting photos? Over the weekend, I have been trying to post my photos from Erin's Baby Shower held on Friday and the darn thing takes forever to upload! In 30 minutes, I was only able to upload two photos.... ugh....
  • I filled up my gas tank yesterday and I almost had a stroke when the total came up to $47.83!! I drive a little VW New Beetle and it has a little tank. But by gosh, I have never seen it reach over $40.00 on a full tank. I remember the days when gas was only $0.59/litre....
  • Yesterday, Kay made me glow :) She told me my eye make up was glowy and beautiful. What a sweetie she is!
  • Kay now wears a Size 5 Ladies. Yesterday, we headed out to Metrotown Centre for a little bit of shopping because it was Sears Day and Estee Lauder was giving away a gift set with a purchase of $29.80. We headed over to Payless for some new sneakers for Kay. Sk8r sneakers. Very cute and yet cool enough for her to tread around in.
  • Why is it RAINING today? What's up with the weather?
  • I am so HAPPY that it's only a four day work week!!! YAY!! Friday is a holiday, 3 day weekend baby!!
  • I really NEED to start knitting again.
  • I really WANT to start scrapbooking my photos.
  • I really HAVE to clean up the art room.
  • Watched V for Vendetta on Saturday night and it was pretty interesting. I really had no real interest in watching it after seeing the trailers for this movie but Vince said it was worth watching and I have to say, very very interesting.
  • Natalie Portman DOES NOT look HOT with a shaved head.
  • Mom calls me on Sunday to bitch about a candy we purchased last weekend. Yes, FIVE minutes on the phone bitching about how I bought the wrong candy. Apparently, the candy I picked out is not the same as the ones purchased in Hong Kong or Asia. The candy we purchased is Made in North America or UK. The ones you buy in Asia are Made in Singapore or Malaysia. Kay and I still enjoyed it. Sugar is Sugar.
  • BLOGGER ALMOST GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK (11:39am) .... I almost lost this post!
  • YES, I still want the LV purse and LV wallet my heart has been set on. WHY would YOU be so cruel in teasing me that way? WHY OH WHY?


psychorich said...

Because you are not telling me what's in the pink box.

continuitygirl said...

I think Natalie Portman's a great actress, but I can't bear to watch her with a bald head.