Saturday, April 01, 2006

Movie Night

Tonight, my BFs Vin & Jas came out tonight to catch a movie and drinks. We headed over to the Paramount to catch Inside Man with Denzel Washington, Clive Owen and Jodie Foster. Clive Owen is so HOT.... I think he should be the next James Bond.... I thought the movie was really really good but we had mixed reviews, V enjoyed it and J thought it was a little slow. I loved Jodie Foster's outfits and right away I recognized the Hermes bag she was carrying. Really nice, I want one... they are opening a Hermes right on Burrad/Thurlow, 2 blocks from my office. OH.MY.GOD. I may need to start leaving my wallet at home :)

The new Paramount downtown is really beautiful, when you are wandering around inside, it feels like you are in an art gallery or something. Also, right around the corner is a brand new earls, which is also very nice inside, the restaurant has a feel of an upscale club and it is very large inside, much larger than I expected. Very nice.

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peachy said...

i think that movie looks really good, might convince the twin to take me.