Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Dinner with Friends

New and Old friends. Tonight, right after work, I met up with an old friend, K, we have known each other since we were 15. But have lost touch for about 10 or so years. She looks exactly the same, still sweet and beautiful as ever. The two of us have some history together and we both had it rough as teenagers. We both hated our parents, she ended up living with my dad and I for a bit, and we both wanted to rebel against our parents and their rules. Life was not easy for us or our parents! I had some really nasty friends and some really great ones but I was a confused teenager trying to figure herself out and I really hated being a teenager. Luckily, I survived those horrendous years and in it, I made and gave birth to a beautiful angel, fell in love with my best friend & soul mate and expanded my family circle with TRUE FRIENDS. You know who are truly there for you in the end. Somehow, K, fell threw the crack and we lost touch. But over the years, I have thought about her as I remember our rough times and I remember her new life with her new husband and beautiful baby boy. Who by the way is the most charming and adorable little man I know! He's such a cutie and I cannot believe how big he is now!! I'm so glad we found each other on Friendster and it's def. a small world out there. K and I have a common friend on Friendster and he, C, came out tonight as well. I haven't seen this guy in AGES!! He is so busy and trying to get a hold of him (email or telephone) is like trying to catch a cab in NYC! :) I can't believe how much he has changed. As handsome as ever and loving his new style and confidence. He doesn't look like an accountant and ladies, he's still single! As we sat at our dinner table, catching up and laughing, it felt right and a positive aura floating around our table. It's great to have such positive and fun people in your circle of friends. Even if you don't get to see them as often as you like, it's nice to get a monthly dosage. And I can see why I am friends with both of them. I'm lucky to have C as a friend, even though he can be a no show at times and I'm feeling grateful to be reunited with K. These two made my night. Thank you guys.

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