Sunday, January 04, 2009

White Weekend

What a white weekend we had! All weekend, the snow continued to fall over our city causing major traffic delays and transit/road chaos. Of course, mother nature did give us a few breaks in between, teasing us with rain and clouds but the white stuff always came back and sometimes with a vengeance! On Saturday, Rhoda and I decided to head out anyways and we were in luck, Jess is in Jamaica and we got to borrow her SUV to drive in the snow covered city. We had a bit of time before the Festival of Lights at VanDusen Gardens so we headed over to Richmond IKEA. I had a $10 GC which I thought I could use or find something on sale but nope, I didn't and there wasn't anything that I needed. After our short trip at IKEA, we decided to go shopping at Richmond Centre and of course, again, I did not leave empty handed :( I found a couple of great deals, picking up a pretty black leather jewelry case at Danier ($19.99) and a jersey shrug ($40.00) at Aritzia. After walking through the entire mall, we decided to make a quick stop at Starbucks for some coffee before heading over to the Festival of Lights. As soon as we drove into Vancouver, the snow had started to fall and quite heavily making the roads very WHITE. It was quite a beautiful sight at VanDusen with the lights and the snow but really really cold! My feet were freezing and I was wearing the wrong jacket for this festival as it didn't keep me warm plus I didn't have any gloves which means my hands were freezing and felt a bit frost bitten! It would have be nice to have stayed longer to enjoy all the beautiful lights but it was super cold and snowy! I didn't bring my camera so I didn't get to take any photos but Rhoda did and she got tons of great shots, will post them as soon as I get them from her. Once we finished looking at all the lights, we realized that Rhoda lost a set of keys attached to her sis's keychain, oops! There was no way we would find them and we obviously didn't hear them fall cos of the snow!!! But hopefully, someone will turn them in if they find them .... we were planning on stopping at Superstore before heading back to my place for dinner but we decided against it and I thought it was best if Rhoda went straight home since the roads were becoming icy and slippery and traffic was piling up on the main roads. After she dropped me off, I made a quick stiry fry with what I had left in the fridge. Since being snowed in and no access to my car, I didn't have much left in the fridge. It was a quiet night at home and I shoveled the driveway/sidwalks before calling it a nite. Sunday didn't seem so bad outside cos it had rained a bit over nite and washed most of the snow away. Mom and I decided to go over to Superstore cos we both needed to pick up groceries. We first stopped by Commercial drive so my mom could pick up some veggies and I grabbed my fave kind of yogurt, Fraser Meadow - Organic Plain Yogurt, 1.5% MF. Fraser Meadow, def one of the best yogurts made locally! We headed over to Superstore and as always it was CRAZY BUSY, I usually don't pick up too many veggies or fruits there but the Farmer's Market got cancelled cos of the snow so I had to pick up my veggies/fruits for the week. Mom and I decided to have something hot before heading over to Cheong Lee Market (where she gets her asian veggies/fruits) but that might have not been such a good idea cos it started to snow and hard. Not just lightly fluffy snow, hard icy bits that stuck to the car, ground, lights, street posts etc. We had only stopped in the cafe for about 40 minutes and when we went outside, we couldn't even see my mom's car cos it was covered in snow!!! We quickly picked up her asian veggies next door and started the drive home, gosh, it was a bit scary cos all you could see in front of you was WHITENESS, I kid you not, it was snowing so hard that it was difficult to see more than a block in front of you!! Lucky we weren't too far from home and I was glad to be back as there were tons of traffic jams and cars getting stuck on the slopes in our area. But I just heard on the news that it's gonna rain tonite and tomorrow, the temperatures are going to warm up which means we should all be weary of the future flooding!!! Better than snow I guess......

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