Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday Shopping

What a day we had today! Rhoda and I decided to head over to Richmond to do some shopping but before that, we had to help out my brother cos he got his car towed the day before. We had to give him a ride to the towing company cos he woke up too late in the day and his friend could not pick him up. Gosh, the towing place was so far! All the way on the other side of Richmond and the tow guy was slow and a bit of an @ss so my brother was getting a bit pissed. But in the end, he got his car back and it actually started! After helping my brother out, we headed over to Lansdowne Centre cos I wanted to pick up a bagel slicer at Home Outfitters (yes I need one cos I almost sliced my hand the other day!) and Future Shop to check out the Acer Aspire in pink (of course!). Lucky for me, Rhoda found the last bagel slicer and only $3.99! It's just a small clear plastic container that holds your bagel and you use your knife (slots in the sides) to slice the bagel in half, perfect! After bagel slicer purchase, we headed over to FS to check out the Acer and it was as pretty as I thought it was plus, perfect for what I need it for and it can easily be carried in my purse. It was on sale for $399.99 and there were 3 left but we decided to head over to Aberdeen Centre first to pick up some stuff from Daiso and I could think about purchasing this item or not. It was so busy and the traffic was bumper to bumper, we decided to leave the car at Lansdowne and walk over to Aberdeen! It's not too far of a walk and only took us about 8 minutes! We realized it was the night before Chinese New Year Eve so everyone was out getting ready for the CNY. Once we arrived to Daiso, Rhoda picked up some stuff and then we decided to walk thru the centre cos there were tons of tables (like a sidewalk sale) with lots of Chinese New Year stuff. I ended up picking up some lucky red envelopes (for $1.00/pack) and a good luck paper for my desk at the office. I try to get one every year and my desk is decorated with a lot of personal items :) After our walk, I got a call from Vince cos he was at place setting up my cable and DVR. I decided to pick up the Acer before heading home and a notebook mouse by Logitech in PINK of course! It is so small and pretty and PINK. Before we got back to my place, we stopped by a Chinese restaurant to pick up some take out for dinner and when we arrived, Vince had finished setting up my TV and DVR. He didn't really know how to work this so hopefully, it's all hooked up correctly. After dinner, Vince and I decided to head over to Metrotown to watch Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Rhoda decided to bail on the movie so it was just the two of us. I was afraid I really wouldn't understand the movie since I really hadn't watch the first two but apparently this is the prequel of the series. Perfect! The movie was quite interesting and it was def more mid evil than the first two (I've caught bits and pieces of the second one on TV). There was not a lot of special effects done in the movie which means it wasn't as gory as I thought it would be. After the movie, we both felt like some tea and dessert so we decided to stop off at this new asian dessert place that Rhoda introduced me to. It's super yummy and they have a lot of Hong Kony style desserts served with coconut milk, fresh fruit and sago. Super and oh so yummy! As we enjoyed our desserts, we chatted about his trip, his trippy dream and life without his wife (could be a reason why he's not sleeping too well) and general life topics, it's always nice to catch up with Vince - one on one. By 1:30 am, I was getting tired and we decided to call it a night. Overall, a very productive day and now I must get ready for CNY.

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