Friday, January 30, 2009

Bogart's Chophouse

Tonite I had another Dine Out at Bogart's Chophouse on West Broadway with KD. I didn't have high expectations of this place cos last nite, BQ mentioned that he had gone to Bogart's last year for DO and he was not at all impressed. It seems that Bogart's had 2 DO menus, a $28 (on the vancouver tourism website) and a newly added $38 menu. Not much difference but I choose the $38 menu as there was a tenderloin on that menu. Once we had decided, we both order the seafood soup to start, we tried to order a couple of appetizers off their regular menu but they were not taking any orders from the regular menu, they were only doing DO menu for the nite. WTF? I couldn't believe it, you could not order from the regular menu? To me, I was not impressed, what does that say about the food and the chefs in the kitchen? Can't handle the DO menus and the regular menus??!!?? The soup wasn't too bad altho the one I had last nite was much better than tonite's esp since the one at HSG was a chowder and it was creamed based while the BC's seafood soup was a tomato based. I had the tenderloin (similar to the dish from HSG) but what a difference! My tenderloin was too burnt and crispy on the outside and way too salty. The veggies and the sides were lukewarm as if it could had been sitting for a while. The staff were not as attentive as I hoped for and I guess one reason could cos they were super busy??!!?? I don't know about it, I'm glad to say I've been to Bogart's but will not go back again. Not too impressed with the food nor the ambiance. More photos on my flickr account.

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