Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dinner and Dessert

Tonite, we headed out for dinner at a (supposedly) high end chinese restaurant called Kingford Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. Grams wanted to test the dishes out cos she still hadn't decided on where she wanted to hold her "big 90th" birthday. Mom and I had already made reservations at Imperial Chinese Seafood Restaurant located in downtown Vancouver for her birthday as she had somewhat decided on there a couple of weeks ago. For a mere $800 you can have the privacy of your own room with 2 or 3 tables. It's one of the BEST chinese seafood restaurants in Vancouver and it is def one of the most elegant and "high class" ones in the city. Altho she had somewhat made a tentative decision on having it there, a MJ friend mentioned KSR had really good seafood dishes so we thought we would test it out and see how the food and the restaurant was. OMG, we did not like it at all, we were not impressed with the food or presentation of the dishes, the ambiance nor the wait staff, customer service kinda lacked. Plus some of the dishes we order could have been ordered from a HK cafe! Not impressed at all. Def scratched off the list and onto the next unless of course, grams has decided on ICSR. After dinner, we decided to head over to this little dessert place on Kingsway cos I mentioned it to my mom once and she wanted to try it out to see if it was any good. My mom's friend, Auntie Cece is coming into town (again!) tomorrow and if it's any good, she thought Auntie Cece would probably like it. My aunt likes to eat and drink and eat while in Vancouver, oh yes and shop, shop until you drop! Once inside the dessert place, we sat down, made our choices, the girl took our orders and you wouldn't believe who walked in! Rhoda and Jess! How funny is that? We were talking about them and how the girls introduced me to this little place and now it's one of my fave places to go for dessert! Rhoda and Jess pulled up a table and a couple of chairs to join us and it was a really nice to see them.

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psychorich said...

Is that soy sauce chicken? Looks pretty good, but I guess the service would be an important factor since this will be for your grandma's b'day dinner.