Thursday, January 08, 2009

First LV

Jas finally did it! She picked up her very first Louis Vuitton and I am so proud. For the last 10 years, she has been wanting to buy a handbag and every time we go into the boutique, she cannot justify spending that amount of money on a handbag. But she can drop a few hundred dollars on a Coach bag here and there and I always say, why don't you save the money and pick up a LV instead? But she never listened and now after all this time, she finally decide to do it. All those Coach bags in her closet are now going to sit there as she won't use them again and haven't done so in quite some time. At first, she wanted to pick up the LV Monogram bucket bag and I didn't like that particular style but the petite bag was way too small for her frame. I told her that the Damier Canvas was much better suited for her and she should consider investing in that print. The print is classic, not too flashy or screaming a designer bag and even though this style only had the petite bucket, I thought she should go for another style. I told her to take a look at the handbags on the LV website and then go into the store to take a look at the pieces in person. I suggested the Hampstead MM in the damier print, Rhoda owns this one and it's perfect sized with lots of rom for everyday use. She didn't love it on the website but I told her she needed to go in and look at it. Today at lunch, we met up at the LV boutique to look over the monogram bucket bag again (still don't like it), finally she decided to take my advice and looked at the Hampstead. Once she had it on her shoulder and stood in front of the mirror, she realized it was the perfect bag! She bought it and the total was a bit more than she wanted to pay but I convinced her this was an investment and she would get many years out of this handbag. I hope she loves it, loves it when she gets home and won't return the handbag.

Damier Canvas - Ebony
Tag No. N51204
Hampstead MM

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Joss said...

The bag looks gorgoues!... but I just. couldn't. do it. Too much $$ for me :)