Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hamilton Street Grill

Tonite, BQ and I headed over to Hamilton Street Grill for Dine Out. Our reservations were at 530pm cos we both worked downtown and could walk to Yaletown within 20 or 30 minutes. It was a cold night so the walk wasn't too pleasant but def worth the walk. Dinner was fabulous and it was def a great choice. Both of us really enjoyed our meals and every plate was just perfect. We both started off with the smoked seafood chowder (so good and the seafood was def fresh, fresh, fresh!), for the entree we both had filet migon wrapped in bacon served with bearnaise sauce, roasted garlic mash and veggies and for dessert, I went with the chocolate mousse (light dessert cos I knew I would be stuffed from the entree) while BQ went for the warm gingerbread pudding with caramel sauce and pumpkin and ginger gelato. Ohmygosh, the gelato was amazing and incredibly tasty, I would def go back for the ginger gelato, delish! I must send my cousin a FB msg and thank her for suggesting this place, it was def worth it and I would go back again for their regular menu. I should have brought my camera to take photos cos the food looked as amazing as it tasted, it was great to see BQ and I'm sure we'll have many more Dine Outs again next year! We both really enjoy food :)

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