Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Night!

Wow what a crazy night! First of all, it was freaking SNOWING!! WTF? It's spring! We could NOT believe this crazy weather we are having. Tonight, Jas and I were invited to a couple of events. The first one being a costume dinner party at RL's apartment and clubbing at Crush with Rhoda and friends. Jas and I arrived to RL's dinner party (without costumes) a bit later than the invite since we didn't really know anyone at the party besides the two people we knew that would be super late (Vincent and Meryl). Tonight was Earth Hour and lights were out at 8:00pm which is the time we arrived. The lights were out and the candles were lit. Dinner was ready and being served but I couldn't eat right away cos I have a huge problem eating in the dark. Well it wasn't totally dark, there were candles but I need to see what I am eating. After a few hours, we decided it was time to hit the club and it was terrible (the scene not the friends)! The music wasn't really to my liking, the crowd, eh alright although it was kinda cool that we were invited into the VIP room cos the birthday girl's friend booked her a room in the club, we had a bouncer and a bar! Jas and I enjoyed that a bit :) I don't have any photos tonight cos I didn't bring my camera. But there are some photos from the group on facebook but I am not in any of them so I am not going to post them. After the nightclub, Jas and I decided to leave early, we decided to walk (we didn't have the patience for a cab) back to Granville skytrain to get home but before heading home, we shared a hot dog from a hot dog street vendor, those hot dogs are really good after the club. A very brisky and cold night and I think I am way too old to be doing this!

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