Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today, I hung out with my BFF for the day. Rhoda had to go to the mall to pick up a bridal gift and we found a beautiful necklace and bracelet at Piccini. She wanted to pick up something from Swarovski but didn't want to pay full retail price for it when she can get it at a member's discount. We hit many of our favorite stores and I was such a good girl, I didn't buy anything! Even though there were a few items I wanted to buy but realized no, I should not use my credit cards since I am trying to pay them off! I did buy Ari a box of dog treats cos they were inexpensive and he doesn't have many treats left at home. We were planning on taking the dogs to the dog park but we ended up staying in the mall for 3 hours!! We decided to chill at her place while she worked on her puzzle, she's a huge puzzle freak and we wanted let the dogs play since they were in their dog bags with us at the mall for so long! Gosh, those two play so cute!! Next time, I have to bring my camera so I can catch them playing wrestling. So cute! After a couple of hours, we decided to eat zong for dinner since Rhoda's mom didn't want us to join her and Jess for dinner. We had hoped that we could eat whatever Rhoda's mom was cooking but no such luck, apparently those two were going to have a "talk". We assume the talk went well since both came back from dinner with smiles. After our dinner, we googled Matt & Nat on Jess's ibook and talked about owning one of these handbags, very vegan friendly. Today, Rhoda was a bad girl and ended up buying (another!) a Matt & Nat handbag from the spring collection. Although I saw a really nice white one online that I liked (style and colour) I'm not so sure how long I would use it if I bought one. So I am going to hold off for now cos I'm eyeing a new black Dior handbag. I love my pink Dior handbag which I haven't had a chance to use cos of the rain but once spring/summer is here, I'm sure I'll be using it daily. After a little bit, Rhoda and I were ready for dessert since I had a very bad lava cake last night, I didn't want anything with chocolate so we headed over to Cheesecake etc on Granville street so she could have chocolate cheesecake and I could have a plain cheesecake with strawberry topping. Mmmm.... so yummy! After that, we headed home and decided to call it a night! It was a great day cos it's always great company and great times with my BFF.

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