Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shopping Weekend

Gosh, what a weekend! These weekends go by so fast and it never seems like I have enough time over the weekend to do everything! On Sunday, I ran errands with mom and we headed over to New Westminster Toyota to pick up a few items but Saturdays are the busiest days for the dealership and we waited around for almost 40 minutes just to see my mom's sales guy! After Toyota, we were pretty close to Walmart so we headed over there cos my mom has never been to the Canadian Walmart and even though there are a ton of great deals, it doesn't seem likely that we would drive all the way out there just to hit Walmart. We didn't end up buying too much and only picked up a few things. After Walmart, we headed over to the new commercial area of Marine Drive in Burnaby. It's pretty developed now with the Price Smart foods, London Drugs, Canadian Tire etc. We headed over to PetSmart cos I need to pick up a few items for Ari and over to the Shoe Warehouse which my mom ended up buying a pair of really cute and comfy sandals. There was a Winners and Home Sense right next door so we had to go there cos we love Winners. Wow, this Winners is HUGE and with so many shoes and clothes, one hour before closing was def. not enough time! I ended up picking up a cute top for only $16.99 and mom bought me a Calvin Klein trench coat which I saw downtown but not in my size:( for my birthday cos this Winners had a few XS and yes, the XS def. fit me so much better than the S. Mom also bought two pairs of cute flats by Anne Klein which are really comfy and it's about time she bought herself some shoes! She can't wear heels anymore and she has a ton of shoes in the shoe cupboard that need to be given away! I found a pair of really cute heels for Spring but remember that I shouldn't be buying any more shoes and if I am going to buy a pair, I really want those cute little heels from HR by Michael Kors. Cute little heels in a gold tone. After Winners, we headed over to Superstore to pick up a few items cos my mom is officially on a diet starting Monday. She needs to lose about 20 lbs and she is finally going to follow my advice to drop the weight.

Sunday was another shopping day only with Rhoda (my BFF) and Jess (little sis) cos Jess has nothing in the condo! When I mean nothing, I mean not much in the kitchen. She doesn't have a can opener! Who's kitchen doesn't have a can opener?!?! I headed over to Rhoda's place and Jess picked us both up and back to where I was yesterday, shopping at Winners/Home Sense (found another great pair of shoes by Ralph Lauren but didn't buy them!), London Drugs for more home items, Price Smart Foods (a division of Save On Foods) for grocery items. After our shopping expedition, we headed back to Rhoda's to drop off some stuff and pick up the dogs to head over to Jess's place where she was going to try out her new kitchen gadgets and cook us a dinner. Wow, very impressive, she did a pretty good job! It was a lovely day with my girls.

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